Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Focus Intensity Training

I've recently started a new training programme that may be of interest to some of you. It is called Focus Intensity Training and is explained in a book by Shawn Phillips called Strength for Life. It combines strength training and nutrition in a way that combines both body and mind very strongly, so that a level of focus is maintained and the process becomes both meditative and intense. Not surprisingly, it has been affecting other areas of my life so practising focus and enjoying intensity in my strength training has sharpened my focus when I'm working and deepened my relaxation when I'm not working. It feels good.

If you'd like some support to get going on such a program or to apply it in your life, do call me for coaching. Sample sessions are available so that you can try out telephone coaching and see if it works for you. Call for an appointment at 020-8123 9831 or email jan.artofbeing@gmail.com

If you want to order the book, Strength for Life by Shawn Phillips, it is available on my website via Amazon.co.uk. Here's the link: http://www.artofbeing.co.uk/books_uk.php


Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Moving forwards

Finally, today, I've made the new site go live. It isn't finished but I was having so many problems with the old site that finally I decided to jump into the new one. So apologies that there are some quirks still. I'll be fixing them over the next few days (and weeks and years I expect)

Meanwhile, I'm happy and excited with the development of my workshops and coaching sessions since I've been based in England this past year. The evening series in London is continuing, I'll be working at a new centre near Chester (Integral Life Centre) starting in August and I am teaching a week-long vacation workshop at Cortijo-Romero in Spain this November. So if you want a break from the winter before all the Christmas preparations take over, come and join us in Spain.

And as I sit here, on this bright sunny evening, the light is glistening on the leaves, the wind is soft and warm, and I feel very blessed.